Thank you for your interest in Akeley Wood School.

The supportive environment and diverse breadth of learning and development within our Senior School epitomises the holistic education that we strive for at Akeley Wood. With two beautiful rural sites and an inspiring combination of contemporary facilities and historic buildings, we provide the space and state-of-the-art resources worthy of our rich and varied curriculum.

Throughout their Senior School years, we take the time to get to know our students as individuals, helping them to find their voices, discover their strengths and to reach their potential. Recognising that students may respond differently to the variety of education practices we may adopt, our teaching and support staff work hard to tailor their approaches where appropriate to better meet the needs of students. This way, we can prepare them fully to make the right choices when they approach GCSE and beyond – with excellent results.

Teamwork, Encouragement and Responsibility are core values which run through everything we do at Akeley. I ask the students, and indeed the staff, to ‘Be More Goose’. This is to take turns to lead, support those leading, encourage each other and take responsibility in doing their part to make the ‘whole’ run in the best way it can. These are qualities which will benefit them throughout their lives. It’s about working as a community, doing right by one another and helping each other to achieve.

The well-being of our students is fundamental to their personal and academic success and we have developed a very proactive pastoral care system. In addition to the wonderful work and support in our Well-being Hub, which includes our first-aid centre and counselling room, the Hub is also the base for our student council, peer group mentoring and anti-bullying teams. We also use a well-established, scientifically proven online tool called AS tracking. This diagnostic tracking tool is used by the top schools in the country and helps to identify potential areas of vulnerability in a student. I love talking about this, so please do ask me about it when I see you.

Excellence in the classroom is matched by similar distinction outside not least evident in both the Outdoor Learning provision at Tile House Mansion where pupils develop team work, perseverance and communication skills with activities such as building dens and the low ropes course. All of which is supported by the purpose built log cabin classroom. The Enrichment Programme, which runs throughout the senior school, our Exceptional Potential provision, and in the breath-taking array of high quality activities. This is offered to all students on an extra-curricular basis.

This is a school with strengths across the curriculum and extra-curricular programme. Our Creative and Performing Arts provision is exceptional and there are numerous opportunities to take part in musical and dramatic productions, such as the much-anticipated Woodfest every summer term. Sport is for all and we endeavour to develop an enjoyment of sport in those reluctant to participate as well as nurturing sporting prowess in those who excel in and enjoy this element of school life.

I have never worked in a school as full of opportunities outside the classroom both on site and beyond the gates as Akeley Wood. I have recently returned from our school trip to Sri Lanka where I helped our students to re-develop the outside space of a local school. A wonderful experience and very humbling for us all.

I am confident that your child will find Akeley Wood School a stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable experience, full of adventure from day one.


Simon Antwis
Headteacher – Akeley Wood Senior School

Akeley Wood School