National Poetry Competition Shortlist for Isha

National Association for Able Children in Education

We are delighted to announce that Isha in Year 8 made the shortlist for the NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) Poetry Competition, with her poem ‘Reborn?’

This national competition commends the work of talented young writers across both primary and secondary levels. This year there were more than 1,300 entries, judged by children’s author Liz Kesskler.

“I was absolutely blown away by these poems. It was very hard to choose the shortlist and winners in each category (primary and secondary), as the standard was extremely high and they were all very impressive.

The variety was wonderful, crossing all sorts of subjects and styles. Some of the poems moved me deeply; others made me laugh. All of them made me feel proud to be associated with such a fabulous and inspiring initiative.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank NACE for inviting me to judge these poems, and I would like to wish all of these young writers the best of luck in their endeavours. Keep writing, all of you!”

Liz Kessler




I’m still young, a little plant,

I cannot die, I won’t, I shan’t!

My life is still so adolescent

I’m supposed to become big and fluorescent

If I die will I be reborn?


Another day has gone by; I’m still blooming,

I’ll die soon is what I’m assuming.

The sun’s rays hidden by a vast cloud,

‘I’ll help you grow little seedling,’ it vowed.

If I die will I be reborn?


It seems today is my last day,

Soon I’ll start to fade away,

Leaf by leaf will drift to the ground.

Will you remember me when I’m not around?

If I die will I be reborn?


Goodbye world, I’ll see you soon,

In my next life, I’ll fly to the moon

Or maybe a biologist, a zoologist

If I die will I be reborn?



A new beginning- I’ve been reborn

And I’ve also grown beautiful thorns

Gorgeous petals I’ve also grown too

My leaves feel so fresh, brand new!

But if I die again, will I be reborn?


Isha wrote:

My poem was inspired by winter ending and spring coming; all the flowers die in the winter but get reborn in the spring. The flower in my poem was a sad flower that was still young thinking about life ahead but had seen many other flowers get trampled on, so the flower had been thinking about how much longer it had to live. After it had died the flower had been reborn into a more beautiful flower with thorns and red petals. My poem symbolises rebirth and the importance of thinking positively. When I heard I was shortlisted for the NACE poetry competition I was very happy but also very shocked. When I entered the competition I thought that my poem wasn’t going to get shortlisted but I was wrong and have realised that getting shortlisted in a nationwide competition is amazing and has inspired me to write more poems!


Please see HERE for the NACE website link, where you can download the e-book that was made with all the winning entries.


Congratulations, Isha, on your superb achievement!


Mrs Exarheas

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