Silver Duke of Edingburgh

Navigating the forest of Dean

As one of the largest Centres in the South East, Akeley Wood Senior School saw 37 Silver Participants battle not only one of the hardest navigational areas on the Duke of Edinburgh schedule but one of the wildest. Six intrepid groups meticulously prepared their routes, route cards, equipment and food for a three day Expedition that would turn into an adventure not to be forgotten.

The students all arrived safely in camp on the Sunday evening after managing a full day of difficult navigation through the Forest of Dean.  And although changes had to be made to take into account the weather, the Year 11 Silver Participants must be congratulated for their mature and resilient approach.  It was not only a successful expedition in its own right, but important preparation for what to expect on the Assessment Expedition itself.

With thanks to Mrs Masefield, Miss Manderston, Mrs Wykes, Mrs Sexton, Mr Brown, Mr Cutler-Ames, Mr Webster and Mr Handby, who all volunteered their weekends to support the scheme.

Akeley Wood School