SPF Factor!

As part of an Activities Day based around the theme of Festivals, pupils from Year 6 at Wicken Park joined those from Year 7 to conduct an experiment to see which factor of sun cream is the most effective in blocking harmful UV radiation from the sun. They compared SPF 12, 30 and 50 in a controlled test with no sun cream, as shown in the picture. Fortunately, the day was really sunny, so pupils were able to go outside to test the sun creams by exposing them to bright sunlight. The special UV sensitive beads change to a dark colour when exposed to sunlight. In most cases, but not all, pupils found that SPF 30 was the best! Following the experiment, pupils created colourful leaflets with advice on how to have fun in the sun. These were displayed as part of the final assembly within a beach scene set up in the Sports Dome.


Mr N Brash

Teacher of Science,

Health & Safety Officer

Tile House Mansion



Akeley Wood School