Taking Responsibility

On Thursday 2nd March, Year 7 and 8 had an assembly on personal responsibility. At the start of the assembly, Mrs Exarheas gave some notices: there is going to be a Library Club, a House Debating Competition, an opportunity to learn braille, and a BBC Report Day in which lots of other schools are also participating. The winner of the Political Cartoon Competition was announced to be Callum Bennett in 7MDM. After that, Trevor Ray from Catch Development came to talk to us about personal responsibility. He told us that if we get angry we should take a few minutes to calm down so that we don’t explode and say mean things. He demonstrated this by shaking a can of Coke to represent how we feel when something annoys us; he then tapped the top of the can many times. He was able to open the can without it exploding, showing us how to calm down. Next he told us a story about a boy who kept getting angry, so his dad said every time he got angry to go and put a nail into a fence. But then every time he apologised, his dad said to go and take a nail out of the fence. His dad explained that the holes left in the fence were like scars that were left in people when you got angry and said bad things. So, overall, it was a great assembly.


By Amelia Askham 7MDM 

Akeley Wood School