A tale of two Mother’s Day breakfasts

Tile House Mansion

Ahead of the big day on Sunday, Akeley hosted a special Mother’s Day breakfast on Friday 24th March at both Akeley Wood House, for Year 9 students and Tile House Mansion for Years 7 and 8.  More than a hundred and twenty students, mothers – and a handful of grandmothers – gathered at both sites to spend some quality time together before the school day began. Guests at Akeley Wood House were fewer in number but enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the Large Dining Room, transformed for the occasion with white table cloths and Akeley’s finest daffodils, making it quite different to the usual lunch time. At Tile House Mansion, the Dining Room and Library were packed with guests, with students displaying impeccable manners by waiting on their mothers to serve the refreshments. Our Sixth Form volunteers did an excellent job in making sure that the plates of pastries and fruit were constantly refilled and generally assisting. We received many pleasing comments from mothers about the food and the event with a request to repeat in future years.



Akeley Wood School