Treading the Boards

Senior School Spring Term Production

Senior School performers transported its visitors to 1920’s Chicago, “a time of murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery and treachery”. Facing the death penalty they fight for fame, the press’ attention, and a spot as the states most famous murderess.

Rehearsing for this production since September, during enriched curriculum, after school and on weekends pupils were finally able to show off all of their hard work during three nights of performances.

All year groups were represented, Year 7 -13 either on stage, in the band or as part of the tech/stage crew and students excelled themselves in all three areas. The amount of work that the students put in was above and beyond what was expected, and the way they conducted themselves in rehearsals throughout the process has been commendable. They most definitely did their teachers proud!

I have been involved in many school productions, and I can safely say that is been one of the best, a definite career highlight! Thanks go to all.

Mr Powell



Akeley Wood School