Trevor Ray from Catch Development Talk to Year 7 and Year 8

On Thursday, the 24th  November we had a special visitor in our assembly. His name was Trevor Ray and he works for Catch Development. He talked to us about how everyone sees the world differently, how valuable we are to one another, for our self-esteem, and encouraged us to be positive towards life. Trevor kindly shared a story with us all. Trevor wants us to wear clear glasses and not the dirty ones to encourage us to be to positively thinking and not thinking about the negative. He expects people always to say thank you to a compliment.

Some Quotes from Trevor Ray; “you are amazing always remember that”, “never let anyone change who you are inside too, and look at the bright side of negative things”. Trevor Ray is an amazing person and an inspiration. We were very lucky and privileged to have him in our assembly.
Jayne Sandiford 8IB

Akeley Wood School