U10 Rugby v Winchester House

 The A’s played Winchester and Maidwell back to back and again showed their potential. In the first game they were up against a very strong Winchester team who dominated the game but the Akeley team really stood their ground and put up a fight. At one point we were level but the rugby Winchester played was just to good. At times you just have to say that you were beaten by the better team. The second game v Maidwell saw the boys carry on the display of commitment and ran out winners, again scoring some outstanding tries. Like U11, this group of boys again showed that their tackling has improved and that we are playing with real discipline which will be key to their development.
The Bs also had to games v Winchester who were able to field Bs and Cs. In the first game which was neck and neck for long periods the boys showed their confidence is building game after game. In the end they run out runners up but again not without a fight. I was delighted to see so many of the boys competing in contact.
Their second game was outstanding and parts of the game a delight to watch with some outstanding tries. What delighted me most in this fixture was the boys passing. Well done to all U10 boys who played.
Mr Lemon
Director Of Sport

Akeley Wood School