Visiting Artist Workshop for Year 12



Ann-Marie Cadman Workshop – 7th June 2016

By Morgan Sanders

On the 7th June, Ann-Marie Cadman gave us a talk about her work and the different techniques that she uses, as well as helping us experiment with her style to help us develop our projects. Cadman is a print artist who produces colourful textile pieces on paper and fabric. Her work is strongly focused on colour and different textures interwoven together and layered on top of each other. These different colours, textures, patterns and techniques all contrast with each other, producing a piece of work which is different every time.


My first thought when seeing her work was that it looked a little unsophisticated and very experimental. However, I was attracted towards the range of colours used, and preferred more of a controlled manner;  the straight lines and  marks and block colours, were how I see myself working. Also, her other works seemed more child-like, and so at first I didn’t see how that was art.  However, on the day, she emphasised that we should just relax and go with the flow of the art we produce. This emphasis on going with mistakes that are made and appreciating the different contrasting techniques, taught me to not instantly think a piece of work is bad, and to explore the meaning or thought process more that went into producing it. I think this workshop helped me to just relax when it comes to producing pieces of work, and to accept mistakes that happen and to not give up on a piece of work.


The different techniques and mediums I used to create the pieces included: using emulsion paint with stencils, with a big flat brush and a roller, as well as pastels, sharpies and fabric paints with smaller paint brushes. I enjoyed this experimental work with the different mediums, especially the stencil work. I cut out three stencils of my friend’s face that I have also produced a clay head out of. This helped me to link her style of work into my project, as well as helping me to drive my ideas forward.


By Daniel Buck yr 12

On the 7th of June, Akeley wood art department invited artist Anne-Marie Cadman for a workshop day whereby she shared some of her work and guided A-level students on how to create work in her own individual abstract style and how to apply layering in different mediums to create unusual pieces of artwork.

Firstly, Anne-Marie showed the class her portfolio; she showed us her experimental work and the different styles and techniques that lead her to final pieces. She showed us how she explored with different brush techniques to achieve bold patterns and how she used different mediums to have different effects on paper i.e. how the different mediums such as ink bleed onto the paper or fabric.

Once she had showed us her work, we applied her concepts to our own work in our own individual styles using materials she would regularly use, such as fabric paints and inks.

We began off with experimental work using the different mediums, then once we were confident with what we were using we applied our stencils to a canvas.

I personally used Anne-Marie’s technique of building up layers in the background with different paints, and then applying my stencil over to top to make it stand out in the foreground.






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