Welcome Back

Autumn Term 2018

A warm welcome to the 2018 / 2019 academic year – this is going to be an incredible year for us at Akeley.  Mr Antwis’ feet are firmly under his desk (that’s metaphorically speaking as he is not often at his desk!) and his team of teaching and support staff are champing at the bit to get into the swing of school life.  Every class started with a ‘do now’, which is a teaching term for getting the pupils engaged in a subject problem or activity the very moment (and often before) they enter the classroom.  No time to catch up on events over the summer until break time.  The momentum will continue now for the rest of their school life here.  Academic excellence combined with development of character with a global perspective is delivered through inspirational teaching, a diverse range of subjects and an exceptional co-curricular programme.  There is a great feeling of positive excitement in school today, the sun is shining and it is wonderful to be back.  Have a super autumn term everyone.

Akeley Wood School