Junior School – Year 2

Summer Term News

The children in Year 2 have worked very hard this term.  We have enjoyed seeing how all the children have matured and developed, during the course of their time throughout the year.

The children enjoyed our History topic about castles.  So it was very exciting to be able to visit Warwick Castle and experience some of the things that they had learnt in school.   Standing outside the impressive walls of the castle we learnt about how castles were attacked and defended.  We went down into the cold and dark jail and saw the markings that prisoners had made on the stone walls, we walked through a waxwork display of how people lived and worked in castles and we climbed the steps of the wall and looked over the ramparts of the castle.

The children have enjoyed their swimming lessons. Year 2 staff have watched some of the very committed swimmers, repeatedly going up and down the pool, doing different strokes.  We have also seen how some of the less able swimmers have become so much more confident in the water.

It has been a pleasure teaching the children in Year 2.  They have all worked with enthusiasm in all the different areas of learning, and made fantastic progress.  We wish all the children success and happiness in the coming academic year.

We hope that you have a wonderful summer holiday.

Mrs D Faulkner, Miss K Budimir and Mrs E Bate.

Year 2

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