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For more details on how we are beginning our safe, orderly and effective transition back to school from 1 June, please read our Back to School Guide.

Year 3 End of Term News

Year 3 have had a busy term. The children started off with a Big Bang visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford to investigate costume and pattern, they have taken part in matches, galas and performances and carried out exciting experiments during Science Week as well as continuing with their learning across the curriculum.

Here are some of the Year 3 reflections:
“I really enjoy Science and Maths. I like investigating stuff and enjoyed doing chromatography. My favourite lesson is ICT as I enjoy programming. I really like swimming.”

“The Boys Choir and Wicken Singers went to the MK Festival. The boys won 1st place – they got a shiny cup, it was gold and gleamed in the lights. The Wicken Singers came 3rd. On the bus we got chocolate biscuits. It was so much fun and we got medals and certificates.”

“The MK Festival was brilliant and I came 1st and 3rd by singing in both choirs!”

“I enjoyed going to the MK Festival because it is really nice singing in front of lots of people but it is also scary.”

“I’ve really enjoyed playing netball matches against other school. Will has enjoyed playing lots of different football matches and getting to know other children from different schools.”

“I have enjoyed Maths because it is challenging. I love playing sports matches because it’s exciting wondering who’s going to win. I loved World Maths Day because it was fun to act fast on the computer games. I loved Science when we made the lava lamps.”

“I really enjoyed competing in a swimming gala and creating a poster with Ellee on clothes through the ages in Topic lessons. She also thought that ICT was ‘so much fun!’.”

Year 3 are all looking forward to their Easter break following the Egg Hunt and then coming back to school to start their final term in Year 3, finalising their learning across the curriculum and preparing for their transition to Year 4. It will be a very busy term!

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