Year 7 & 8 Assembly on Friendship

On Thursday 19th May, Mrs Ayres did an assembly for Year 7 and 8 all about friendship. First of all, she made us think about one of our friends and asked us what made them our friend, for example, are they funny, kind, loyal or supportive. Then, she asked us what we thought a friend should be, so if they were funny are they really a true friend?
She then told us some stories about friendship, like the lion and the mouse.  The lion was judging the mouse on its size rather than its qualities; she told us that a friend might be small and seem useless, but they can help in situations like bullying. Another story was about a hare who was really popular and had lots of friends, but he asked for their help when he thought he was going to be eaten, however, none of his friends helped. The moral of the story is, is that having a few caring friends is better than having lots of friends who are uncaring.
Finally, Mrs Heirs showed us a clip about two men raising a lion cub. Unfortunately, the lion became too big and outgrew the flat he was kept in and the two men had to release him back into the wild. A year later, they wanted to go and see the lion, however, they were told not to because the lion had become the leader of a pack and could be aggressive towards them. Despite being told this the men went to Africa and the lion instantly recognised the two men and leapt up into their arms.
At the end of the clip, it stated, “you can never forget true friends.”
By Freya Robinson year 7

Akeley Wood School