Year 8 Pitts Rivers

Trip Report by Christian G

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the museum.

The first thing I saw as I walked in the huge wooden entrance door was a tremendous T-Rex skeleton which towered above me.

The Museum was enormous and I was quite surprised about this as I didn’t expect it to be so huge inside. It felt quite cold and smelt a little musty but looked very exciting, as it seemed like there was so much crammed in.

The museum was quite cluttered and laid out over three floors. It is a really old building with few windows. Spot lights light up the glass cases which displayed the artifacts.

Items were grouped, for example, in one corner there were lots of masks on display together. They looked very creepy. I wouldn’t want to be the museum at night on my own with them. They looked like eye-less faces staring out at me.

We went through into the Art Section to find in front of us, a maze of glass cases. I was curious to explore and see what there was to see and draw.

In small groups we set off to find the items we needed to find and draw.

On the check list of things to find was a totem pole, a shrunken head – I wasn’t sure about this one – and a mask.

The totem pole was easy to find as it stood right in the centre of the museum and reached right up to the top floor. It was huge, three stories high and as tall as a house! It was made from wood and carved with images of faces and animals. It was very impressive. It looked like the museum had been built around it, it was so tall.

The pole was so big that we only had to draw a small section of it, I chose to draw a bird with a big long beak as it stood out and had good shapes to copy. It would have taken ages to draw the entire pole.  The bird and beak would be good to make out of clay, back at school, as it has lots of shapes and I can picture it well. It was very striking.

I drew a clay pot in my sketch book using continuous line drawing technique. The sketch was in pencil and once drawn I was able to shade to add shadow to the drawing. This helps bring the drawing to life. It was quite a simple object to draw but with chance to use my art skills.

I would have liked to spent , more time there, exploring and studying some to the objects in more detail. We didn’t visit the dinosaur section, which I find really interesting, although it would have been quite tricky to draw, I would have needed a huge piece of paper!

So this will be a good excuse to re-visit with my family.


Student quote:

‘We explored the unique characteristics of different cultures through artefacts that were handmade. In my opinion the Pitt Rivers Museum is a very educational and exciting experience!’


By Christian G Year 8

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