Year 7 Trip to Bletchley Park

On Friday, 3rd May Year 7 Mathematics and Historians enjoyed a collaborative trip to Bletchley Park. Once the top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers, Bletchley Park is now a vibrant heritage attraction open to the public to visit and enjoy. Students immersed themselves into the history of WWII and took on the exciting challenge to break the codes, revealing spy John Cairncross!

Student comments from the day: 

Kobi  7RPR: ‘Bletchley Park is a great place to go to and I learnt a lot about it. Also it was really fun!’

Matthew 7TAL; ‘Bletchley Park is a great experience, it felt exactly like I was in the war times!’

Zoraiz  7NP: ‘Bletchley Park was lovely. It was a great experience! I would live to go on a trip like this again.’

Toby  7NPA: ‘Bletchley Park was very fun, I enjoyed it.’

Akeley Wood School