Year 7 and Year 8 Assembly “Pushing Yourself”

Pushing yourself

On 23nd June 2016 year 7 and 8 had an assembly inspiring students to push themselves.  We learned about Mark Elliot Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook who constantly gives himself challenges. These consist of things like: running a mile a day for a year, learn mandarin, wearing a tie every day, only eat meat he killed himself. He is a billionaire he doesn’t need to set himself these challenges but he keeps pushing himself.

In enrichment program try pushing yourself to try new things. Pick different activities in different categories one from each: citizen, service and enterprise. This gives you a range of new talents which you may or may not have. Try it you may like it. Try something you’re not so good at you never know until you try.



By Katie Bishop and Jayne Sandiford –  7IB

THM assembley challenging yourself


Akeley Wood School