Year 9 Geography Field Trip

Year 9 had a successful and enjoyable day out in hot and sunny Birmingham investigating urban regeneration. The overall aim of the day was for students to assess how successfully Birmingham’s CBD has been regenerated following post-industrial decline; we visited 10 locations throughout the city centre including Brindley Place, the ICC, the Library of Birmingham, the Mailbox, New Street Station and the Bullring. Students completed fieldwork tasks including environmental surveys, field sketches, pedestrian counts and questionnaires. They will now be working in small groups back in lessons to produce fieldwork projects based on their work, and making their overall judgements on the success of the regeneration. Thanks to all staff who accompanied the trip, and to the students for their hard work and excellent representation of the school whilst out and about.


Mr Sam Medd

Head of Geography

Akeley Wood Senior School


Akeley Wood School