Young Voices

Last Monday, thirty tuneful Akeley pupils and four members of staff jetted off to the O2 Arena in London for this year’s Young Voices extravaganza. Performing a wide variety of songs, from Stevie Wonder to Robbie Williams, from original compositions to songs based on the work of Bach; the choir joined a vast children’s choir of almost eight thousand voices in what was an unforgettable day of music-making. Here are some photos of our exciting day and a reflection about the day from one of our children. ‘It was just brilliant. We were so high up that the stage looked like a distant island. The musicians in the band were amazing and the dancers were awesome. When everyone turned their torches on and the lights went down the effect was magical. Please can we go again next year?’


Mrs Morgan

Head of Music

Akeley Wood Junior School & Nursery

Akeley Wood School