Senior School Leadership Team

Simon Antwis Head Senior School

Simon Antwis

Mrs R Chapman Deputy Head of Senior School

Mrs R Chapman

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr J Bown Head of Sixth Form

Mr J Bown



Mr S R Medd Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning

Mr S R Medd

Mr S J Baker Director of Studies

Mr S J Baker

Mr W Dockar Drysdale Business Manager (Interim)

Mr W Dockar Drysdale

Mrs J Silver Head of Tile House Mansion

Mrs J Silver

Junior School Leadership Team

Mrs C Page Head of Junior School

Mrs C Page

Miss K Dowson Deputy Head

Miss K Dowson

Mr M Rice Pastoral Lead

Mr M Rice

Mrs J Reeves Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs J Reeves

Mrs L Bird Head of Upper Key Stage 2 and English

Mrs L Bird

Mr W Dockar Drysdale Business Manager (Interim)

Mr W Dockar Drysdale

Designated Safeguarding Leads (Nursery, Junior and Senior)

Miss F Howkins Miss F Howkins

Miss F Howkins

Tile House Mansion – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs K Exarheas Mrs K Exarheas

Mrs K Exarheas

Tile House Mansion – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs H Winnett Mrs H Winnett

Mrs H Winnett

Early Years – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr M Rice Mr M Rice

Mr M Rice

Junior School – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs R Chapman Ms R Chapman

Mrs R Chapman

Senior School – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Senior Leadership Team
Name Job Title
Mr Simon Antwis Head
Ms R Chapman Deputy Head
Mr M Cripps Academic Consultant
Mrs J Silver Head of Tile House Mansion
Mr Stephen Baker Director of Studies
Mr J Bown Assistant Head (Head of Sixth Form)
Mr S Medd Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning)
Mr William Dockar-Drysdale Business Manager
Marketing & Admissions Team
Mrs H Boothby Admissions Registrar
Miss S Davey-Turner Communications and Social Media Executive
Miss L Hudson Administration Officer (Marketing)
Mrs J Marsh Administration Officer (Marketing)
Administration Team
Miss K Argall Reception Administration Officer (THM)
Ms G Baughan Reception Administration Officer
Mrs W Delaney Welfare Officer
Mrs K Fox SIMS Assessment Manager
Mrs K Grimes Reception Administration Officer (THM)
Mrs N Gibbs Compliance Administrator
Mr A Howe Transport Co-ordinator
Mrs A Husbands Administration Officer (Pastoral)
Ms L Manser Finance & Accounts Assistant
Ms C Moroney Fees Bursar and Finance Assistant
Miss S Moore Admin Support
Mrs A Orrin Exams & Cover Administrator
Mrs E Parkhouse Reception Administration Officer
Miss S Page Administration Officer (Coach Transport)
Mrs T Robinson Reprographics Administrator
Mrs G Smith Administration Officer (Sixth Form)
Ms K Thornley Head’s PA
Learning Support Assistants
Mrs P Dixon Learning Support Assistant
Mr J Edgall Physical Education Assistant
Miss N Harknett Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Haywood Learning Support Assistant
Miss D Johnston Learning Support Assistant
Mrs P Mackenzie Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Misso Learning Support Assistant
Mrs N Phillips Intervention Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Stocks Learning Support Assistant
Teaching Staff
Mr S Baker Science
Mrs J Bannister Modern Foreign Languages
Mr J Bown Geography
Mr N Brash Science
Mrs K Brooke Mathematics
Mr A Brown Head of Year 9, Design Technology
Mr A Brown Head of Year 10, Computer Science
Mrs N Borman English & SEN
Mrs E Coker Mathematics
Mrs N Cuin-Wilson Head of Instrumental Music
Mrs N Cuthbert Economics & Business Studies
Mrs D Davis English & Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs C Dee-Andrew Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Head of Creative Arts
Mme S Eames Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs E Eaton English
Mrs K Exarheas Head of Year 7, English
Mrs C Featherstone Head of Life Learning,Food Tech
Miss K Ford English
Mr D Gardner Science
Mrs S Goodgame Science
Mr T Gray Physical Education
Dr R Haworth Head of Science
Mr A Houghton –Brown Head of EAL & International Coordinator
Mrs F Howkins Physical Education, Head of Year 8
Mr A Jackson History and Religious Studies
Miss P Johni Head of Psychology
Miss L Jones Head of Geography
Miss S Jones Head of History and Politics, Exceptional Potential Coordinator
Mrs G Keegan Head of Media Studies
Mrs U Koshal Science
Mrs L Langley Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs E Laird Science
Mrs H Maltby Head of Religious Studies
Miss C Manderston Head of Textiles
Mrs R Madges Mathematics
Mr  M Marsden Head of KS3 Science
Mrs E McEwen Head of KS4 English
Mr S Medd Geography
Ms S Moore Drama
Mrs F O’Connell Science
Miss N Patel Mathematics
Mrs F Peers Head of Mathematics
Mr C Powell Director of Music, Head of Performing Arts
Mrs H Peedell Head of Girls PE
Mrs C Robinson Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs G Seckington Head of English
Mr G Seddon Head of Year 11, Physical Education
Mrs J Sexton Head of Art
Miss H Shergold Physical Education
Miss A Smith Mathematics
Mrs G Spruels English
Mr M Startin Music, Music Tech
Mrs L Stretch English, Study Support
Mrs S Stroud i.c KS5 Mathematics
Mr K Sumner Head of Outdoor Learning, ICT
Miss H Tatlock History
Mr L Tombs Director of Sport
Mr T Webster Head of Design Technology
Mrs A Wilkings English
Mrs A Woodruff Head of Learning Support
Ms K Wicks Head of Business Studies
Mrs K Wykes Head of Photography