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Our Values

Be You. Brilliantly.

Distinctively, at Akeley Wood we take children with a broad range of abilities, and we support them in recognising and achieving their personal goals. We do not expect them to conform to a certain mould; rather we encourage them to thrive in an environment where independence and individuality is celebrated. Our students are given the freedom to find their distinct voice, and to flourish in their diversity, ultimately becoming whoever they want to be.

Our four school Core Values are terms of practice that clearly define how everyone will work together in the Senior School to achieve the school's vision and carry out its mission.  Core values are not aspirations, and they are not self-congratulatory; they are practical. They guide our school community, "This is how we need to behave, and this is what we need to do to live out our mission and achieve our vision."

In our Junior School, the staff and children also live their values through the Learner Profile.


Developing character

Using these values as a guide, we aim to develop the character of our students, by encouraging them to be adventurous, collaborative, and future ready.

We want to offer a contemporary and innovative approach to academic achievement enabling each individual to discover their passion.

Our aim is to inspire a community of global citizens who feel empowered to be active and socially aware.

Discover our Core Values below:


Kindness is our most important school Core Value and we believe that by emphasising its importance in school we are creating the right environment for our students to feel safe, supported, happy and to learn.

Kindness isn’t always given the same importance as confidence or excellence, but this value speaks to the importance of being a valuable member of a community and contributing positively to the world around you.


We don’t want our students to exist in a bubble and aim to empower them to feel compassion and responsibility for the world around them.

We live in challenging economic times and our Core Value of charity helps us think about how we can support causes both locally and further afield.

We have recently held fundraising events for Ukraine, Mind mental health charity and our local foodbank in Milton Keynes.


We expect all members of our community to consider the feelings, wishes and rights of others and by doing this we hope to be able to work, learn and enjoy our time together in an environment where respect for others is a given part of everyday life at the school.

Ideas flourish in a respectful environment, and everyone can have their say.


Not everything always goes according to plan, and we want our students to know this, and not to feel afraid of setbacks.

Building resilience in our students means that they will not see failure as a reason to give up, but as the motivation to get back up and to try again.

Resilience is a key school Core Value that we believe leads to a successful future.

The History of Akeley Wood School

The origins of Akeley Wood School can be found in 1846, at Northgate School. Originally in Ipswich, this small boys’ preparatory establishment moved to Frinton-on-Sea, and subsequently to Portmeirion in Wales, before finding a home at the former private residence of Akeley Wood in its centenary year.

Initially restructured as a day school for boys and girls, with the later addition of the Nursery and Senior schools, the rapid growth of Akeley Wood in the 1980s and 1990s saw the School expand into additional premises at Wicken Park and Tile House Mansion.

Today Akeley Wood educates 800 students across these three campuses, and is a family school where a traditional heart and contemporary vision can happily coalesce.

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