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Educational Technology

At Akeley Wood School we realise the importance of arming our students with the capability to embrace and harness technology within their learning, both at school and for the rest of their lives, in a fast-changing world and for whatever path they may choose.

From Year 3, every Akeley Wood child is given their own laptop device that they will keep and use to develop their learning throughout their school career.

From Nursery to Year 2, iPads and computers will be used in class from time to time to facilitate the curriculum, and Computing is taught as a specialist subject at the Junior School from Reception onwards.


At Akeley we use CENTURY Tech, an online platform combining artificial intelligence with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience. CENTURY Tech has been developed by an award-winning team of experienced teachers, neuroscientists and technologists, and is therefore underpinned by evidence-based scientific and pedagogical techniques.

This tool further enhances learning in either English or Mathematics, by identifying strengths, gaps in knowledge and misconceptions; personalising content, questions and pathways for every student leading to a truly bespoke learning experience.

How we use technology in learning.

Student-Centred Learning

With technology at the heart of their studies, students take greater ownership of their learning.

Working Together

Students can work together in the same digital workspace, facilitating greater collaboration whether they are physically together or working remotely.

Learning Tailored to Each Student

Learning programmes available on our devices mean that each student can be set different tasks depending on their own ability.

Improved Assessment

The devices and systems in place make it more efficient and streamlined to provide feedback to each student.