Senior School – Outdoor Learning

Summer Term News

It has been a very exciting year for our Outdoor Learning program at Tile House Mansion. Being a mere fledgling addition to the timetable, we have had to develop everything from scratch. Now a year on we have what is becoming an established Outdoor learning area comprising of a purpose built large fire circle with seating, an assortment of garden beds, a small pond, a low ropes course and designated areas in the woods.  In addition to this we are having a fabulous large wooden cabin built over the Summer break which will serve as our new classroom.


Pupils have built dens; learnt how to erect tents ( in the rain !); used fire sensibly ; learnt how to grow their own vegetable gardens and have had some of the crop added to the lunch menu. They have used various tools safely; navigated our low ropes course; helped create our pond (and stock with crayfish – thanks Archie) All this while developing an appreciation for the outdoors. Our activities are designed to encourage, among other things, skills such as communication, team work, perseverance, balance, coordination, risk taking and a general knowledge and appreciation of our surroundings.  Most import of all, we have had fun!

Mr Sumner

Teacher of ICT

Akeley Wood Senior School



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