Scholarship Information for September 2019 Entry

Scholarships are awarded for excellence in one or more fields of the life of the School, or for potential to achieve outstanding results. Awards may be made for Academic, Sport, Music, Art & Design or Performing Arts.

The Scholarship Programme is intended for new students entering Senior School at ages 11+, 13+ and 16+ in September 2019.  Students attending Akeley Wood Junior School are considered new to the Senior School for this programme so are eligible to apply for a scholarship.  Students in Year 11 at Akeley Wood School are also considered new when entering our Sixth Form.  The awarding and continued holding of a scholarship or an exhibition requires good conduct and achievement in the School.


All applicants applying for a Scholarship/Exhibition must be registered with Akeley Wood School prior to the submission of an application.

Scholarships for existing students are rare and are only invited in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Head.

Types of Scholarships

We are offering a number of scholarships for students entering school in September 2019.

Scholarships may be awarded for high achieving students who show excellence or outstanding potential in one or more of the following areas:

  • Academic
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Art & Design, Performing Arts

Applications from students in both the maintained and independent school sectors are welcomed.

Scholarship entry for 2019 will be available shortly – please download an application form below.

Deadline for Applications  31st December 2018

Full information for future scholarship applications will be available shortly.

Bursaries may be awarded to the parents of pupils attending the School who, due to unexpected changes in their financial circumstances, find themselves struggling to meet the immediate payment of full school fees.  In only exceptional circumstances will a Bursary be awarded in respect of a pupil new to the School, and parents of children in the
Nursery School are not eligible for the grant of a Bursary.


Applicants for a Bursary must complete a detailed ‘Means Tested Application Form’, which is submitted to the School for review together with supporting evidentiary documentation.

Bursaries are granted for a maximum period of one academic year though they can be extended if, following a new application being submitted and reviewed, it is clear that there has been no obvious improvement in the financial situation of the parents at the end of the initial Bursary period. However, it is expected that, in due course, the parents will resume paying full fees.


2019 Scholarship Application Form Click here to download.