The AW6 approach

AW6 provides an unrivalled educational experience – specialising in combining academic excellence with preparation for the future. It focuses on bridging the gap between school and university and prepares students for the excitement and challenge of life beyond study.

This new approach offers the very best in Sixth Form education and experience.  Academic excellence delivered by a dedicated team of teaching professionals who consistently support students to achieve top band results is matched by an equally impressive co-curricular and future ready programme.

Your experience at our Sixth Form is as much about advancement as a person and preparation for future success, as it is about developing your knowledge and gaining the best academic results.

That’s why our exceptional academic curriculum has been matched with a first class future-ready programme. The opportunities afforded to you here, enable you to gain essential networking skills, develop your resilience and confidence and ensure that you are ready for whatever the future holds.

We will encourage you to re-invent, re-imagine and re-evaluate situations and scenarios.  We will help you to hone the skills that enable you to pivot and adapt to ever changing life experiences and find the self-belief that you can achieve more than you thought possible!

Academic Offer

Our academic offer is strong.

Our teaching professionals deliver an exceptional academic offer – both A level and vocational. We also invest in a variety of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), the Extended Project Qualification and ESB qualification.

Your timetable will be populated with lectures, seminars, enrichment sessions, future ready and self-development programmes, 1:1 tutorials and individual research, study periods and free periods.

Each September our academic offer adapts to meet the demand of those students wishing to join us. The subjects on offer for 2021 entry are:

Biology Further Mathematics
Business Media Studies
Chemistry Modern Foreign Languages
Computer Science Music
Creative Arts (with choice of Art, Photography or Textiles) Music Technology
Design Technology Physical Education
Economics Physics
English Literature Politics
Geography Psychology
History Theatre Studies

The best measure of success is to look at the value that can be added to your education. This is called the ‘value added’ score which at A level is defined by an ALPS (A level Performance System) score. ALPS allows schools to identify the value they add to students’ A level performance compared to what might be expected of them following their previous academic performance at GCSE. Akeley has a strong academic record. In 2020 the school attained ALPS 1 placing Akeley in the very top 1% of schools in the country for progress. This is phenomenal!

Take a look at our latest A Level results to see a more in-depth breakdown of our 2021 exam successes.

The Experience

We will help you to become future ready!

The stand-alone nature of AW6 allows us to have a culture where independence is encouraged. You will take responsibility for your learning and progress, just as you will be at university or in your first job. Here, however, there will always be the support of your personal tutor and mentors to keep you on track.

The timetable is flexible. Free periods are exactly that. With plenty of parking on campus, you will be able to come and go as you please – as long as you remain dedicated to your studies, make the most of the co-curricular and future ready programmes and stay on track. There are plenty of silent and group study spaces, social spaces, and the café for however you spend your time.

There is no uniform at AW6, just an expectation that you will dress respectfully.

Within our Life Learning programme we coach you in everything from negotiating a promotion to budgeting for your weekly food shop!

Get ahead

We offer a first class future ready self-development programme. We want to ensure that when you leave us you are ready for your first job, university or apprenticeship interview and have the confidence, resilience and strength of character you need for your next adventure beyond school.

The programme offers a depth of experience, insight, training and development not usually experienced until you are well-established in your career. We have brought together some of the most inspirational and knowledgeable experts from across our Cognita UK schools and from the world of work to really engage you in thinking about your ambitions and goals and set you up to achieve them.

Programme Highlights:

Communication and Networking Skills (including networking breakfasts)
Leadership Programme
Work style / Career match analysis
Webinars and Career Talks
Speakers Programme
1:1 Careers Advisor
Online careers and further education hub
Global Peers

You also have access to an expert team of UCAS coaches and mentors who can support you in Oxbridge, BMAT, degree apprenticeship programmes and career options.

Our self-development programme and team of professionals at AW6 will help you find your talent to develop into a highly employable young adult. You will leave ready for your future.

Join us

Your Sixth Form adventure awaits at AW6. Are you ready? Get in touch to talk to the team. It’s your future. Own it.

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