Enriched Curriculum

Enriched Curriculum

We offer an enriched curriculum at our Junior School supporting the core subjects and developing confidence.

Expressive Arts

The outstanding endeavours on show from our expressive young artists at Akeley Wood are borne out of our strong creative spirit and unwavering commitment to art provision, teaching and learning.

The importance placed on art is evident all over the school and we are proud of the beautiful work on display in our classroom and corridors. Complementing our department of specialist art teachers, we invite experts from the local art world to visit our excellent facilities and inspire our budding artists in their search for self-expression.

Art is timetabled for one hour a week at the Junior School, and from the earliest age, students are given every opportunity in the art room to experiment, explore their creativity and communicate their ideas through painting, drawing, printing and photography.

Our aim is to ensure all children enjoy honing their artistic technique, but crucially also that they revel in the freedom to think, engage both academically and emotionally, and express themselves in more abstract ways. The benefits of this can be felt right across the curriculum, and well beyond it.

Indeed, we believe that through art, young people can increase their empathetic sense and their perspective of their place in the world, as they unlock a deeper understanding different cultures and periods. The space to play creatively sparks the development of confidence and builds transferable skills that are invaluable in helping to form a well-rounded individual.

Active in Sport

We believe that taking part in sport and physical education is as important for all children as their class-based subjects and activities.

We offer a wide choice of sports, increasing as children progress through the school.  We have enviable grounds and first-rate facilities, a newly built dedicated Sports Hall, Astro turf for Football, Hockey and Tennis and Cricket Nets and Cricket Astro Strip set in wonderful wide open spaces in the grounds of the school.

Self-esteem is developed through participating in both curricular and extracurricular sport. A pupil’s understanding of health and exercise is developed as they progress through the school understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

A passion for Music

Music is a core and much-enjoyed curriculum subject for our Juniors, and as well as singing and playing an instrument, our teaching encompasses basic music theory and composition.

Akeley Wood’s characteristically strong musical tradition first finds its roots in the Junior School, where children are given the opportunity to experience and excel at an inspiring range of musical activities, and so often ignite the first flames of a lifelong passion.

Typically, from Reception onwards, music is timetabled for two half hours a week for every Junior year group, though beyond the core curriculum, there are a raft of extra-curricular opportunities for those with a love of the subject to get involved in. The Junior School boasts four choirs, an orchestra and several musical groups, all of which find a welcome home among the dedicated music and practice rooms of our wonderfully equipped music department. For students eager to learn specific instruments such as piano, guitar and woodwind on a one-to-one basis, specialist peripatetic teachers are brought in on a termly basis for an additional fee.

Our many talented musicians and singers are actively engaged in the many school productions and concerts staged each year, and enjoy the chance to regularly represent the school, both locally and nationally, in festivals, concerts and inter-school competitions.

We believe that involvement in music gives children of all academic abilities an opportunity to shine, building their self-confidence and allowing their creativity to abound.

Creative expression through Drama

Drama occupies a vibrant place in Junior School life, and all children are involved in our annual year group productions – either as performers or by working their magic behind the scenes.

Drama is a growing and thriving subject at Akeley Wood Junior School and is seen as an important channel through which children can express themselves.

All our young thespians participate in drama lessons, which are timetabled for 30 minutes a week. While some will naturally demonstrate particular ‘star quality’, all our children are valued equally for their sterling contribution to our annual productions, and encouraged to get their creative juices flowing by treading the boards. Those who prefer not to perform on stage play a vital role in helping to ensure that the technicalities of sound, lighting, scenery construction, costume and music all run smoothly.

Drama lessons are designed to carve out a unique creative environment where children can play with multiple ideas and explore different ways of interpreting and expressing stories. They examine the many dramatic forms of drama and spoken word such as role-play, improvisation, mime, and puppetry, as well as studying and reading aloud to better comprehend the dramatic content of different texts. Our energetic drama teachers are passionate about the creative expression and self-assurance that acting can unlock, and strive to imbue their lessons with a wide variety of experience and emotion.

Those students showing a particular aptitude or interest in drama may opt to take peripatetic drama lessons (at extra cost) led by tutors from LAMDA (the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts), which may lead to a LAMDA qualification.

Bringing together drama enthusiasts from the whole school community, Akeley Wood regularly organises optional theatre trips, offering students the opportunity to see large-scale productions and experience the magic of the theatre.

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