The educational, social and emotional wellbeing of all our children is key to everything we do at Akeley Wood. That’s why at preschool level, we understand the huge importance of ensuring our youngest children can start to discover their independence and grow more confident in a safe and happy ‘home from home’ environment. For any problems that may arise, our tracking and monitoring system allows them to be quickly identified and the appropriate interventions put in place. Our early years special educational needs coordinator works closely with parents to address any underlying learning difficulties at the earliest opportunity.

Moreover, every child in our Nursery is assigned a ‘key person’ soon after they join us, who is then responsible for tracking and assessing their development and will be the first port of call for parents who have any concerns. Key workers are specially matched with each child based on their ability to engage positively with them, working hard both to understand their strengths and respond to their needs. In the absence of their key worker on any given day, children will be assigned a ‘key buddy’ who will ensure the continuity of care is maintained.

So that you can be doubly sure that your child is always well looked after and supervised during activities throughout the day, the school subscribes to statutory regulations relating to adult-child ratios: one adult for every three children up to the age of two years; one to four from two to three years; and one in eight among three to four years olds.

Building independence and self-assurance is a cornerstone of the learning process for very young children and in deference to this, we implement a reward system, featuring an achievement board and sticker chart, to celebrate the many accomplishments and successes of our youngest individuals.

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