Q & A with our Head of AW6, Mr Gavin Moffat...

Meet Mr Gavin Moffat, the Assistant Head of AW6 (Akeley Wood School’s Independent Sixth Form). With a rich background in education, Mr Moffat brings a unique perspective to our Q & A. We’ll explore his vision for AW6, what sets it apart, and their personal approach to student support. Let’s dive in…

What inspired you to become the head of AW6?
I know Akeley Wood from my time working at another local independent school and know of its excellent reputation in the community.

What’s your vision for the future of our sixth form?
To provide the best possible 6th Form education for all of our students, both on an academic level and in terms of their personal development. The AW6 team strives to ensure that students have all the tools, skills and character virtues to survive and thrive in their lives beyond AW6, whether that be in higher education, degree apprenticeships or the world of employment.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to incoming students?
To throw yourselves fully into all aspects of 6th Form life from academic lessons, talks, the Enrichment Curriculum, DofE, Young Enterprise, the Futures Programme, Verbal Fight Club and the Games programme. The more you put in, the more you will get out of your AW6 experience.

What’s something unique about our sixth form that sets it apart from others?
Undoubtedly the sense of community and the positive relationships between staff and pupils which is exceptionally strong. We know our pupils well and they feel very comfortable coming to speak with us about all aspects of their schooling.

How do you support students in their academic and personal development?
Through our exceptional tutor team who meet with their tutees every day to check on their wellbeing, academic and personal progress. Tutors develop a sense of belonging and togetherness within their tutor groups and a sense of mutual help and understanding which helps our pupils in their educational journey.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote or motto?
Hardly inspirational but I try to live by the mantra ‘have courage and be kind’ which I spoke to the AW6 students about in my start of term address. Life seems to have become every more complex and challenging in the past few years and this helps me to try and do my best by the pupils and colleagues I work with on a daily basis.

What’s a book that has had a profound impact on you, and why?
The Learning Game by Jonathan Smith which is a must-read for all teachers. Jonathan is a former teacher and writer who provides wonderful anecdotes about his journey in the world of education from pupil to teacher. Despite being written over 20 years ago, it is as relevant today as was back then.

Contact Admissions@AkeleyWoodSchool.co.uk for more information on Open Events at AW6 where you can meet Gavin and our Admissions Team.