As entry to university and the workplace becomes increasingly competitive for young people, participation in our huge range of extra-curricular activities helps our sixth formers to stand out from the crowd during the competitive application and interview process.


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Year 12 students may undertake the EPQ, choosing a topic of interest for extensive study, culminating in a 5,000 word dissertation, musical or dramatic composition, or report or artefact, backed up with comprehensive evidence. Worth half an A-level (up to 70 UCAS points), the EPQ helps to develop independent learning and research skills, and is a valuable asset for university entry.


English Speaking Board

Throughout their school careers, we support every student in finding their distinct voice, buoyed by the confidence and freedom to fully express themselves. The English Speaking Board is a great way of doing this, through discussion, debate and presentation. Our sixth formers are encouraged to undertake an Advanced Certificate in Spoken English to reflect their newfound skills, accredited by the ESB and recognised by universities and employers.



Sixth Formers showcasing enthusiasm for collaboration and a particular aptitude in the sporting arena have the opportunity to assist teachers in coaching younger students, and work towards the Community Sports Leadership Award. Not only does this programme help young people become more active and community-minded, but it also instils coaching and leadership skills that prove invaluable at university and in the workplace.



Every year selected sixth formers gain the memorable opportunity to participate in our Volunteer Sri Lanka project, fundraising over the course of an academic year for their travel and then spending their summer holiday working to assist local communities with building and renovation, social care, education and training projects, as well as taking their chances on the cricket field against local teams.

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